Complete oil color set of warm/cool

Complete oil color set of warm/cool

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Complete warm/cool oil colours

-150ml Gamblin Artist Oil Colour Titanium White

Warm oil paints (Gamblin 1980):
-Ultramarine Blue 37ml-Sap Green 37ml
-Permanent Orange 37ml
-Cadium Red Medium 37ml
-Cadium Yellow Medium 37ml
-Cobalt Violet 37ml
- Sap Green 37ml
-Van Dyke Brown 37ml

Cool oil paints (Gamblin 1980):
-Prussian Blue 37ml
-Phtalo Green 37ml
-Cadium Yellow Light 37ml
-Cadium Orange 37ml
-Alizarin Crimson 37ml
-Dioxazine Purple 37ml

Recieve within 7-10 Business Days Within Australia. Does not ship this kit outside of Australia.

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