Areté; amore; rinascere (canvas print)

Areté; amore; rinascere (canvas print)


This painting was made at the end of 2019, just before any knowledge about the pandemic that was going to happen globally in 2020 for an entry to an Italian competition in Venice “The Arte Laguna Prize”.A new renaissance is here to spark us up for new purposes and era of growth. By using symbols, skills and concepts of old masters of the renaissance "the thinking man", Michelangelo's David, Antonio Vivaldi, the ancient greek's concept "Areté", da Vinci, and some of Rembrandt's techniques combined on a recycled canvas suggest a relationship between the inside and outside world and an answer to what many people are seeing as a global crisis. Our outside world is mainly addressed by many but the spiritual understanding and concept is that the outside world, represent our inside world. To change the environment and pollution that we are experiencing around us globally, we need to change within ourselves. By aiming towards our highest potential and excellence in everything that we do, reach higher within, we can grow and mature as human beings and liberate ourselves from limitations. This is what will change the world and environment.

High quality canvas print on 3 cm stretcher.
Gloss varnished for maximum protection and depth.
Framing options available for an added amount upon request.
Just send me a message :)
Posted to your address.
Sizes available:
60x80 cm $310
45x60 cm $240


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