Get a personalized spiritual portrait or other commission of your choice.

I do offer a limited number at the moment for 60x80cm and 60x45cm framed canvas as I am recycling some canvas prints imported from China. These frames are attached to the prints.

These special commission pieces has a concept already by itself as these are representing the global changes on all levels that we are currently experiencing at this point of time. Only a limited number of these will ever be made.

Current prices:
60x80cm $1695
60x45cm $740

I also offer other commissions for other prices, just let me know what you would like and I will send you a quote.


1) Contact or email me at

 please include:
a) The size you want
b) Any reference photos or example pictures) A description of your vision - let me know any specific styles, colors, or anything you would like to incorporate into your piece.

2) After determining the level of work included and waiting time I will get back to you about estimated time and price.
(Specials offered are flatrate)

3) Then I will begin working on a sketch and after verifying that you are happy with the presketch, I will start on your painting!

4) When the artwork is done, I will send you a separate invoice for the shipping. (I ship World Wide!)

5) Then your custom artwork will be on its way to you! :)
  • Shipping & Refund Information

    This price is excluding shipping. When the painting is finished I will contact you and send you a separate invoice for shipping. Once that is paid, the painting will be on its way to you :) Also note that with custom orders payment is final and there are no refunds.


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