Artist Workshops Made for You

Create a world of beautiful with art

I am now offering various different classes for students of every level. At the beginner’s level, I offer a variety of lessons to loosen up your hand and get you started with basic lines and shapes. I also offer intermediate and advanced lessons for artists wishing to break away from the basics and into more experimental work. I teach for galleries, communities, schools and NDIS organisations and have a gentle and kind nature when teaching.


Learn how to create your own masterpieces through attending professional art classes. All ages and levels of experience are welcome in these workshops that intends to inspire people to explore their own artistic expression and learn professional art techniques. We will go through the masters techniques in drawing, portraits and paint in oil-colors, acrylics and mixed media. You will have new ways of laying out your palette and thinking when applying paint to make your paintings take shape and create depth.
If you already are an artist, but are self-taught, chances are that you have missed out on some basic techniques. Get ready to take your practice to the next level!


Develop your skills

Break out of your comfort zone while working on your artistic talent. I personally work with each attendee in order to discover and work on artistic shortcomings by reinforcing the most basic art techniques.

I recommend to take many classes to get where you would like to be in your art practice, especially if you are a beginner.
Just like in ballet you have to practice and learn many movements before creating an advanced choreography and it is the same with painting. A portrait made with knowledge about the facial form and the basic measurements will always be more successful and realistic than one made without.

Anatomy Drawing

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