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Since 2012, Charlotte Fisher has been showing artistic work in both individual and collective shows around QLD. Pieces by Charlotte Fisher can be found across several shops on a rotating basis throughout the year. Explore the Charlotte Fisher Gallery site in order to view all current collections, read behind-the-scenes, and find out when the next exhibition is happening.


Story of An Artist

Charlotte Fisher

Charlotte Fisher is an emerging Swedish contemporary artist based in Australia. She wants to bring beauty and inspiration to this world and for people to want to reach new heights by painting large statements in oil colors and mixed media on large canvases. Her portraits and figures are dreamy, mixing realism, with symbolism and abstract. Her works are often unplanned and spontaneous as she seek the immediate guidance from within, discovering and learning new/old concepts towards enlightening, secrets unveiled or reborn for humans to reach their fullest potential as the work unfolds.

She has painted for as long as she can remember and when growing up she always choose to do art as elective throughout school. Charlotte studied hard throughout school, she tried to connect everything that she was learning and felt as if much was lacking. She asked herself "What does truly matter in life? What is my souls purpose? I have a feeling there is more." She had a spiritual experience as a young teenager and in search for a quest of a higher meaning she took a year of school at 18 to travel by herself to the other side of the world and deepen her spiritual experience in life. She later finished her studies and also studied Visual Art and moved permanently to Australia. After her years in Australia she deepened her spiritual understanding, worked with healing and Chi. Charlotte has found her purpose by sharing her truth, passion and discoveries through art.

Education in Art:

Diploma of Visual Art 2014
Online Courses through Milan Art Institute 2019

Stockholm FOI (solo exhibition) "All Things Beautiful" 2019

"All Things Beautiful" Rockhampton  (solo exhibition) 2019

The Bayton Awards, The Rockhampton Art Gallery, finalist, 2015

Seven on the line (Group exhibition) 2014

CQ Creates, finalist 2014

The Mackay Show, 2013

The Bayton Awards, The Rockhampton Art Gallery, finalist 2013


"Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy."

— Albert Einstein





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